MARC Up began as a theatre making partnership between Carly Shaw and Rob Gaetano who met whilst studying at The National Theatre Drama School. They studied for three years together, and missed each other so much after graduation that they moved in together and decided to create MARC Up.

We make theatre to tell stories about people, places and moments we love. It’s personal and magical and sometimes heartbreaking.

After a while of working together, Carly decided to move on to follow other opportunities so Rob is running solo and is very excited for what is to come.

MARC Up also invites their friends to play with them. You can read more about who we enjoy working with here.

Rob Gaetano – Creative Producer

Rob is an actor, theatre maker, avid traveller, and nachos lover. He has trained at the National Theatre Drama School, with Born in a Taxi physical theatre company and at Ward Studios in New York. Over the years he’s worked in the independent theatre scene as a director and actor, toured Australia for theatre in education companies and appeared in a handful of short films and TVCs. Now Rob is looking forward to doing what he loves best, creating great theatre that tells beautiful stories.