Since the frenzy of Kiss Me Like You Mean It, I’ve bumped into many you and heard your feedback. Inevitably, I’ve been asked the same two questions: “How’d it go?” and “What are you doing next?”

To answer the first; it went really well. We got great reviews and good audiences. We sold out four nights and had a successful opening night attended by industry guests, friends and family. You can read some of the reviews here. Being a well-seasoned project manager, I set our “key success factors” with Rob when we started in July. We achieved all of those and nearly three months out, I’ve recovered from the adrenalin overload and can smile about it!

In response to the second question, “what’s next?” well, it’s a little more fluid…

MARC Up was recently awarded a two-week residency at HotHouse Theatre in Albury to further develop an original work My Pet, My Love. This piece has been brewing since 2010, so later in the year Rob will be heading up to HotHouse with a team of artists and we are very excited to get the opportunity to develop the piece further.

Before that, Rob is about to make his appearance on stage at La Mama in Unconditioned Heart directed by Suze Smith, and then will be heading off to New York. He’ll be building on his Meisner training and attending Wendy Ward’s studio for six weeks. Then he’s off to party in Canada with his best mate.

My actor child is feeling neglected and needs some love. So I’m auditioning around the place and training with Director Nadia Tass.

But I just can’t stay away from producing! I’m producing Yarn, for Melbourne Fringe Festival, a one-woman show starring the very talented Lily Fish. Let me know if you want to know more.

Creating MARC Up was an opportunity for Rob and I to act and get our work in front of audiences. But for the moment, we’re doing our own bits and pieces while we are on the hunt look for the next project. So MARC Up is “in development” for now…

A big thank you for supporting us and telling us what you think on facebook, twitter and in person. Let’s keep the conversation going…

Carly x

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