Hello and goodbye

Driving home the other day I turned into the street and was blown away by the luscious green canopy of leaves supported by the plain trees of Prahran. It was a wonderful reminder that spring is here and with it, the anticipation of warmer days, BBQs and summer holidays just round the corner.
It’s with this sense of anticipation and excitement that Rob and I are starting anew. It seems like ages since Rob and I started MARC Up and planning for Kiss Me Like You Mean It. Since then, Rob and I have been together, apart, creating and changing.
After a long gestation period Rob will premier his one man show, My Pet, My Love as part of the 2015 Midsumma Festival 2015 January.
The show’s original concept was conceived at the National Theatre Drama School in 2010 and has been slowly cooking since then. The first public performance was as part of Short and Sweet in 2011 with Lily Fish. Then in 2012 as part of the La Mama Explorations season with Michelle France and Glenn Luck, and now, developed into it’s present incarnation of a one man show at Hothouse Theatre with Director Lily Fish. You can read about the residency here.
When I asked Rob to tell me how the piece has evolved and why he keeps coming back to it, he said “The themes in My Pet, My Love will always be with me, they’ll never leave. There’s always more to be said. This recent version is about a fish, forgetting and the fear of being alone” I was intrigued…and looking forward to Tea-Bag’s stage debut! Rob will share more news soon.
Finally, close friends and family will know that I love change; I’m always trying something new and looking for the next adventure. It’s in this spirit of evolution that I am leaving MARC Up in the capable hands of Rob and collaborators to start a new life in country Victoria.
If I don’t get a chance to see you before the move, I will see you at the opening night of My Pet, My Love on January 21st, 2015
Carly x