Do you wanna kiss?

Well do ya? I’ve got luscious lips.

Ok, enough! I’m really excited to tell you about our new show coming up in February 2013. Although I can’t reveal too much, the show is called Kiss Me Like You Mean It and it will be at The Owl & the Pussycat in Richmond.

Rob found the script last year and asked me to read it. I was laughing by the second page and crying by the second last page. It was so moving and I couldn’t stop the ideas and images flying through my head about how we could make this happen.

So I promptly volunteered to produce it. What? Are you mad? Yes, I think right now I’m going that way. Between venue searching, casting, crew and rights it’s already been a mammoth task. But I’m loving it and welcome you to hang out with Rob and I on our first foray into producing this show under the banner of MARC Up. Oh, and sign up to follow our blog via email, if you want to get updates on the shenanigans we’ll get up to.


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